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Proud graduate of:

U of M, MBA

Hamline, JD

Albion College






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"Beverly Aho has the intellect, integrity, experience and strong work ethic to be an outstanding judge for Hennepin County."  MN Supreme Court Justice James Gilbert (retired)


I strongly recommend that you join me in voting for Beverly Aho for judge on November 4.  If elected, Aho will be the only judge in Hennepin County with both a J.D. and an M.B.A.  Her resume is impressive and she also has a science and technology background which is helpful for complex matters.  She brings outstanding experience in civil trial, private sector, life, family, business and property law, and we need this diversity of experience on our bench.”  MN Court of Appeals Judge Robert Schumacher (retired)


"I pledge and commit to you, that I will work diligently and will be a just and ethical judge.  I will treat everyone with dignity and respect, and will apply the law fairly and equitably.  I have no personal or political agenda, and no special interest.  For more than 30 years, I have been blessed to live and work in wonderful communities throughout our County, and I would be honored to earn your vote for Judge and to serve in this capacity.  I'm honored to have won the primary for Seat 61, and to have broad support from across Hennepin County.  Please contact me with questions, and vote on November 4.  I respectfully ask for your vote.”  Beverly J. Aho


Honored to be endorsed by the

Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota!

U of M, Carlson School, MBA. 

If elected, will be the only Judge in Hennepin County with an MBA and JD.

Honored to receive the highest possible approval rating from OutFront Minnesota, which is “acceptable.”  OutFront MN does not endorse candidates and this is their highest positive rating. 



I am a champion for our non-partisan judiciary and advocate for equal access to justice for everyone.

Honored to be endorsed by the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis!

Honored to be endorsed by

Sheriff Rich Stanek!

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